June 19, 2024

Google trends: 5 tips for using the google trends tool

Google Trends, how does it work? Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new business niche, a YouTuber looking for trending topics, a marketer thinking about the right keywords to target for your Google Ads or an e-merchant on the lookout for new trends, Google Trends can help you.

This online tool allows you to follow the latest popular topics and products, in general or in your niche. You can even use it to monitor your competitors.

In this article, we explain in detail how to use Google Trends, from analyzing YouTube trends to comparing different niches and how it can help you boost your online or offline business.

Google Trends is a trend research tool, based on the Google search engine. It shows you the level of popularity of a term, whether the trend is up or down. You can also discover demographic insights, topics and queries related to your topic. The results are filtered by country, so you can take advantage of valuable information from the French Google Trends.

Google Trends: 10 features for entrepreneurs

  1. Use Google Trends to find niches
    You don’t know what to sell on the Internet? Google Trends is a great tool to find popular niches.

By typing a term in Google Trends, you will see the evolution of its popularity over time and thus know if it’s a trend you can bet on or not.

Let’s say you want to launch an online store in the sports sector, but you don’t know on which niche you should position yourself. Google Trends France will allow you to compare the niches to find the most interesting one on the medium or long term.

So think first to check that you are doing a research on France and on the last five years.

  1. Google Trends: find relevant products
    Indeed, if you scroll down on Google Trends France, you will see another section, the associated topics. If we look at the term yoga, we realize that there is a little problem. Among the records of request, we find the term Lenovo Yoga 350. It is a new computer released by the brand Lenovo. This means that this query may have biased the results for the term Yoga.

We also find the writer Emmanuel Carrière, for his novel Yoga, which deals with this practice. Then a YouTube channel and a practice center.

On the next page, there is an online store for responsible yoga equipment and clothing. Here is an interesting niche: ethical yoga.

If we try Fitness again, we see that the first results concern the conviction of a YouTubeur, but a little further down we find Body Vêtements. So here is a category of products that is also interesting. We also see that there are a lot of searches for sports clubs. On your online store, you could for example write a blog post about the best sports clubs. With the associated topics of Google Trends France, you will find both product and topic ideas.

  1. Use Google Trends to find keywords
    Now let’s say you wanted to sell women’s fashion, and in particular blouses, a term that is also on the rise on Google Trends. Scroll down and let’s now look in the right column, to find the right Google keywords, and therefore the right blouses. We see “cotton gauze blouse”, “blouse embroidery anglaise” or “gingham blouse woman”. And here are some products that should sell well.
  1. Spot seasonality with Google Trends
    Seasonal trends play an important role in the success of your business. Throughout the year, there are peaks and valleys that influence your sales each month. During the peak season, competition and sales will increase, but during the slower periods, you can already sell seasonal products. Let’s take an example with a very “summer” product: the bandeau shirt.
  1. Use Google Trends to refresh content
    Marketing content helps merchants attract more traffic to improve brand visibility and get more customers. This is why creating a blog for your website can boost your business. One effective way to generate traffic spikes is through content freshness. Content freshness? It’s about refreshing an article with new information, adding some details and republishing it on your blog.

And what does Google Trends have to do with it? It helps you find the right topics, at the right time. For example, let’s say you have a bike store and you have an article about hitching systems. You can see that this topic has a peak of interest every spring. So this is a good time to refresh the article and republish it.

By doing so, you’re likely to end up at the top of the results for this keyword. Follow this strategy for your best SEO articles and you will boost your site’s SEO in no time.